Richard Mercier – mindfulness

I will help you have a more harmonious life, filled with personal growth and professional fulfillment.


Counselling (1 hour session)

I believe that counselling is based on a collaborative effort between you and me and that you are the expert of your life. I will help you identify your goals and accompany you through the discovery of solutions to problems that can cause emotional turmoil. This means I will help you improve your communication, work on coping skills/strategies, strengthen self-esteem and promote change in order to reach a state of better mental health and well-being. I focus on what is happening now and believe that by changing the present we are changing old beliefs and self-defeating behaviors in order to transform our life.


Personal and professional coaching (30 minute session)

I believe that coaching will help you maximize your potential and reach professional and personal goals that you never imagined to be possible. Through the creation of a vision of success, I will accompany you to become aware of what is preventing and/or what will help you achieve what you want. We will then define steps, actions and a plan to help you move towards it that will increase our chance of success.

We work on:

Life coaching, business coaching, change, wellness.


Mindfulness (individual or in group session)

Mindfulness means being awake and present to your life. I will accompany you to develop a mindful way of living, which means that you will develop the ability to accept things as they come without judgments and the need of to do anything with it. At the beginning, I will teach you some mindfulness meditations and other techniques in order to be more centered, energized and be able to accept anything that happens in your daily life with less stress possible. This is the core principle of acceptance. 

You will then develop the ability to become an observer of your thoughts, actions and behaviors, not to define you but in order to be more present in your life and happier. We’ll learn to expand your consciousness as an observer of the events in your life and learn to simply BE with yourself instead of doing This is the core principle of the presence of the observer. 

Finally, living in a mindful way means that you are present in changing your automatic ways of thinking, feeling and acting that aren’t working for you. You will practice assimilating more positive feelings in your life, such a gratitude and benevolence, which is the last core principle.

Classes group session (mindfulness)

Mondays 6 – 7 pm


Pour contacter / To contact Richard

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